How To Heal Cystic Acne

By | May 8, 2016

Cure Cystic Acne in a Natural Way

Acne vulgaris is one of the most disturbing skin problems that many people suffer with. It is also known as cystic acne, which usually appears during adolescence period and subsequently keeps growing. It occurs mainly due to hormonal changes, during menstruation, puberty, skin infections or even unhealthy diet. Besides this, often due to genetic disorders skin follicles get blocked and end up creating scaly skin, blackheads, pinheads, redness, pimples and scars.

However, there are multiple treatments are available some medicinal, and some natural remedies work best to cure cystic acne. But they should be applied considering the condition of the affected area.

Natural Treatments – Find The Treatment Which Helps You Best

1. Skin care routine
Maintaining a proper skin care routine is irreplaceable with anything, whether or not you suffer skin issues, you should maintain it. It is more like being hygienic for skin to prevent such cystic acne. Cleansing, scrubbing, and moisturizing are the three mandatory methods of acquiring a trouble free skin. Washing your face twice with a soft face wash, scrubbing two times in a week help to keep the skin clean and remove the dull skin cells.

Cleansing will help to open clogged pores and remove blackheads, whiteheads dirt, etc. Moisturizing is also very important depends on your skin type. It controls the oil levels and excess oil discharge keeping the skin fresh.

2. Aloe Vera gel
It is very useful to calm and soothe the skin with its organic properties. Regular use of Aloe Vera gel soothes the irritable skin and prevents pimple formation by controlling excess oil.

3. Apple cider vinegar
It is one of the highly effective remedies that ensure results. It works wonderfully in curing acne with its anti-inflammatory substances. It should be applied mixing with water else it may cause burning sensation on the skin if applied directly on it.

4. Turmeric
Turmeric is one of the ancient remedies that work magically in curing acne as well as treating its blemishes.

5. Tea tree oil
It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and antibacterial substances that help to heal cystic acne. Tea tree oil ingestion should always keep at bay as it may create severe opposite effects.

6. Medications
Although, many medicines are widely available at local pharmacies to cure cystic acne, but it is recommended to consult a doctor if it is severe.

7. Benzoyl peroxide
This cream has anti-bacterial properties to cure cystic acne as it prevents bacteria to reform, though the application of this cream may turn your skin dry and red.

8. Antibiotics
Antibiotics are strictly taken as per doctor suggestion; they are usually prescribed to cure severe problems.

9. Antiseptics
There are many antiseptic creams; lotions are available which works effectively curing cystic acne. Besides, that other medications are also there which are generally suggested by doctors, considering the intensity of the affected area.

While treating cystic acne doctors often suggest going through hormonal treatments or surgery depending on the condition of the skin. Though prevention is always better than cure, hence, healthy diet, avoiding junk food, alcohol, reducing stress will help to prevent and cure acne. The above home remedies could be applied given the condition of the skin else medicinal help is recommended to opt for.

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