Getting Over Acne : Best Acne Scar Treatment

By | May 8, 2016

No One Likes Acne – What To Do About It

Acne appear out of the blue just when you are hoping to be the queen bee of the next big party! They do not leave easily and what is more, leave marks behind disfiguring your look!

Want to say good bye to acne scars? Well, one should do so, as the scars shake confidence and creates social problems. Repeated failures force people to opt for temporary measures for masking the scars temporarily.

There is no dearth of products for scar removal in the market that claim to bid farewell to these dreaded scars. In this article I would like to discuss some of the best acne scar treatments that are quite effective in treating acne marks.

1. Treating with Vitamin C

Most of the acne scar removers available contain Vitamin C which is well known for its power to boost immunity, and improving skin texture. People having superficial and mild acne scars use this. Vitamin C serums that contain high concentration of Vitamin C are available in the market. Such strong dosages help in improving the texture of the skin that leads to speedy scar removal. People suffering from acne scars can easily make Vitamin C toner for them and can regularly take Vitamin C as a supplement for accelerating the scar removal process.

2. Applying Probiotic Mask

Probiotics help to replace good flora on the skin. Made form dairy products, especially yogurts, these contain large concentration of. These are very good in removing the dead skin cells, make the skin smooth and further prevent outbreak of acne. Applying this as a face mask or on other areas affected by acne happens to be an effective scar remedy. Its application is also easy and simple. Just take a cotton ball or cotton swab and apply the mask on all affected areas. Let it dry and then wash down with water only. This is a safe an affordable remedy if you are not allergic to dairy products.

3. Lemon Juice is the cheapest remedy

This has been in use as a scar treatment for a long period of time. You can get this easily and at a cheap rate. The circus acid in the lemon juice contains astringents and also has antibacterial compounds. This helps to exfoliate the skin and also retards the pigmentation process. Diluted with water, lemon juice can also act as a very good skin tonner. Being a natural bleaching agent, it helps to minimize the acne scars and dark marks. Just apply it on the affected area for remedying the terrible acne scars.

4. Microdermabrasion helps removal best

Working equally well on all types of skin, microdermabrasion is perhaps the most effective of all acne scar treatments. This clinical process is safe and convenient when one wants to say goodbye to the marks. It involves removal of a thin layer of skin and costs much. Fine crystals are used in this process for exfoliating the skin. These act as microabrasives and it takes several sessions for seeing improvement. While it is generally used for facial treatment, this can as well be applied on other areas.

5. Chemical Peels offer permanent solution

Those who want to get rid of severe acne scars, chemical peels are ideal for them. These work great in exfoliating the skin and helps new cell production. The chemicals present in the exfoliating solution helps to peel the skin and also improve the texture by removing the rough skin layer. When used regularly, these lighten up the scars and they fade away with time. Using this you must use sunscreen lotion as this make the skin photosensitive. To be applied under medical supervision only.

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