Foods That Cause Acne Breakouts

By | May 8, 2016

Foods Responsible For Acne Outbreaks

Taking a healthy diet has positive impacts on the body including skin. There is an old saying that states “you are what you eat”. When you supply essential nutrients to the body, it has a dramatic effect on health. It is hard to establish any positive relationship of foods with acne formation, because the same type of food may evoke different conditions for different people.

While one can have acne for many reasons, there is no denial that preventing formation of acne is a better option than trying to remove the condition after acne outbreak. This page aims to highlight some foods that are known for causing acne outbreaks.

Some acne causing foods

Having food allergies is one of the main reasons for acne outbreaks. High amount of toxins are released when there is a toxic reaction in the body. This causes skin inflammation and results acne.

The following foods can cause acne

  • Dairy Products: Continuous argument is going on the negative effect of the diary products, especially milk, on human skin. While everyone drinking milk has no problems, some people are found to be sensitive to the fat and hormones present in the milk and suffer from acne breakout. Researches also indicate that the proteins and casein are also the culprits. In case you have acne, it is better to skip milk or at least reduce daily milk consumption.
  • Red Meat: Researchers believe that red meat can also cause acne in some cases. The animal protein and fat present in the red meat is not easily digestible. These put pressure on the sebaceous gland and are likely to cause high hormone level that eventually cause blockage of skin pores resulting acne outbreaks.
  • Eggs: Eggs make the most favorite dishes for many people. Being a food allergen, eggs could cause acne. At present, people are habituated in taking eggs that come from poultry. The chickens are treated with antibiotics that enter the human body. Infusion of unnecessary antibiotics in the body may cause hormone imbalance and ultimate acne outbreak.
  • Processed foods: When you take the canned or processed foods you are exposed to lot of additives and preservatives. These may not be suitable for your skin because of the presence of unhealthy chemicals. Better to stay away from these for preventing acne formation.
  • Grains: When consumed, these types of foods easily convert into sugars and this is not a healthy condition because various bacteria and parasites responsible for acne feed on this. Gluten is also another culprit for causing inflammation. It is better to avoid bread, pasta, biscuits if you are acne prone.
  • Caffeine: It is present in foods like chocolates, coffee, tea and other cola drinks. These foods are known to cause acne. Caffeine increases hormone production and can lead to serious acne breakouts. If you want to have a smooth skin, better forget these foods.

Bottom line

Your diet plan must include lots of fruits, vegetables, grass-fed protein and health fats to stay away from acne.

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