Acne and Dry Skin – A Tough Combination

By | May 8, 2016

How to solve the acne and dry skin combination?

Your skin may get easily dry and dull, but when you find that, you have the toughest skin combination that is with the acne and dry skin; it is quite tough to make it clear. If you love to have healthy looking and clear skin and also desire to get out from the acne and dry skin, you have to maintain several processes.

This particular skin type is also known as the combination skin, and it showcases its own difficulties and challenges just because every type of skin needs two completely different environments and along with that the proper skin care routine.

However, the procedure is quite difficult to accomplish, but if you step forward smartly, you will be able to achieve the soft and smooth skin easily. The acne free, gorgeous and smooth skin will be the key factor of your personality. One of the prime things that you must remember about the combination skin is actually that numerous cosmetic products, which are intended to offset each and every difficulty that will not affect your skin.

It is just because that the cosmetic products are actually formulated for the dry skin that has moisturizers and oils, which can enhance your acne issue. However, cosmetic products to solve the acne problems in the new marketplace or online stores, but applying that on your skin can also make your skin dry and rough. So, now if you think what to do, then you must know that additional problems are also there.

So, you must always use the cosmetic products, which are formulated for your every skin type and combination skin as well. The products actually help to solve the skin conditions only by moisturizing the dry skin, and it also absorbs the essential oils on acne prone skin.

The one thing that you must take into consideration is that oil and moisturizers are basically two different things. You can easily absorb oil and then replace the moisture without exacerbating and existing acne situation.

The skin care solution for the dry skin and acne

Whenever you are dealing with the dry skin and unwanted acne, you have to make sure that you maintain a proper skin regime.

Cleanser – Try to use a balancing cleanser two times in a day that will gently clean your skin without making it dry. The acne prone skin needs an intense cleansing than other.
Toner – After applying the mild cleanser always chooses a suitable toner for your skin. It is also a part of your regular skin care routine regime. If you have acne prone skin, you have to choose the toner accordingly.
Lotion – Using the suitable moisturizing lotion is imperative for your skin. After using the cleanser and toner, you must apply the right moisturizer. A good moisturizer moisturizes dry skin when absorbing the essential skin oils that actually cause the acne.
Intense treatments – If you have an acne prone skin, all you require to do are an intense treatment. But use the acne treatments only on the areas, which are continually affected by the acne.

Acne and dry skin: Things to Avoid

Sun – It is the major issue of your acne prone skin. The UV rays harm your skin a lot. So, avoiding this will be a better option for you.
Cleansing pads – Several cleansing pads verbalized for the acne-riddled skin that is extremely tough and not envisioned for the use on the dry skin. People with the oily skin can definitely use these cleansing pads several times in a day, but dry skin sufferers must not use them at all.

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