8 Natural Home Remedies for Acne

By | May 8, 2016

Some very effective natural remedies for acne

Acne is one of the most bothersome and stubborn problems of human lives that simply refuse to go away, no matter how hard you try. Generally, people encounter this problem at the adolescence period due to hormonal changes.

It is a very common problem that almost everybody deals with at a particular period. Some have to bear this disturbance to a certain limit while others have to suffer with it to a great extent.

But the gruesome fact is, treating acne people often go insane and try out every over-hyped remedies, which turn out to be awful than doing good. Nevertheless, people who are suffering from acne problem should keep on searching effective home remedies that will suit their skin and cure acne quickly.>

  1. Apple cider is known to be a quite famous remedy of all, which ensures to get you positive results with regular application. Simply mix apple cider vinegar along with water with equal portion and apply on the affected area. But while applying take care of not putting it too much on your face, since vinegar can dry your skin.
  2. If you are looking for an easy face pack with natural substances, then mix sour cream along with strawberries altogether and apply it like a face pack.
  3. Cucumbers happen to be one of the most effective ancient remedies that simply works wonder to your skin. It helps in soothing your skin and prevents it from drying. The application is also very easy, as you can simply chop the cucumber in slices and apply it on your face for thirty minutes. It will give your irritated skin a cooling feeling.
  4. The green tea bag is known to be helpful in curing acne. If you are a green tea drinker, then it is easier for you since you would already have the ingredient ready. After drinking tea, keep the tea bags in cold water to rinse out for acne application.
  5. Honey is extremely beneficial in curing acne or any other skin problems to a great extent.
  6. Garlic is again another most important ingredient that is easily found in every household, and it works really great on the skin. Garlic has antibiotic substances that can repair and reduce skin breakouts. The application method is very easy, as you simply have to apply it on the affected area.
  7. Rose water and tea tree oil are two of the most popular remedies that have given positive results to many. The simple washes with rose water and direct application of tea tree oil on the acne reduce it at the same time makes the skin fresh and healthy.

The above suggestions are for those who are facing pimples at a minor stage; it is recommended to consult a doctor if it worsens.

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