7 Natural Remedies For Severe Acne

By | May 8, 2016

Acne Eruptions And Their Natural Remedies

Particularly for those in their adolescence, acne eruptions, which occur because of hormonal changes of the age, are a great menace disfiguring their look. When the youth want to look their best, these unwanted dot-like bubbles (swollen pores) with occasional itching are a great embarrassment and annoyance. Furthermore, it shows swelling with redness. Mostly appearing on face and neck, they, no doubt, need immediate attention.

Many remedies including natural ones come up to help your cure. But, for some, the acne cream and other medications prove allergic to their skin. So, they detest those medicines preferring the many natural remedies which have their advantages in terms of easy preparation and application, softness, low cost, quick cure and ‘nil’ after-effects.

Natural remedies

1. Honey mask
A natural substance, honey, with its microbial and antiseptic properties is a proven natural remedy to cure acne. First, clean up your face including any make-up material, and dry it up with a towel. Then, scoop out honey with your hand from the cup and spread it out uniformly on your entire face. Allow the honey to remain so for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, cleanse your face off the honey with lukewarm water. Now, repeat gently rubbing off the water and other remains from the face. Continue this process till the acne disappears.

2. Aloe Vera
A natural herb giving effective relief for acne is Aloe Vera. It reduces swelling, combating the bulging of the pores. Just cut a piece from the leaf and take out the watery gel and apply it gently on your skin surface daily for one week. Acne will start wearing out.

3. Zinc-rich foods
Zinc-deficiency in body is found to cause acne. When taken sufficiently, Zinc, an antibacterial agent, effectively controls the oil produced by the oil- glands. So, in order to preempt acne occurrence, be sure to take zinc-rich foods such as watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds (roasted), crabs, low-fat roasted beef and lamb, oysters and peanuts which are all good natural remedies.

4. Carrots
Rich in vitamin A, carrots come in handy to strengthen your skin’s protective tissues thereby preventing eruption of acne. Besides, being an effective anti-oxidant, carrots remove the toxins from your body, simultaneously regulating the production of sebum the increase of which is a causative factor, specifically in acne-prone teenagers.

5. High fibrous foods
Indigestion and constipation also contribute to occurrence of acne. So, as a natural remedy, your diet should include more fibrous foods such as full wheat bread, oatmeal, almonds, fruits, and vegetables.

6. Brown sugar
Brown sugar retains moisture when applied on the skin. Rich in vitamin B, it is an effective antioxidant. So as a combined effect, it sets right skin damages including acne. Restrict this application to twice or thrice a month as overdoing will result in overproduction of oil, a harmful effect.

7. Avoid make-ups
Make-ups may cause clogging of pores, pimples and blackheads. So avoid them. You can use water-related rarely.

Acne is age-specific. Applying any of the above natural remedies, you can easily get rid of them, mostly with no extra cost.

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