Acne Vulgaris – the Causes and Treatments for Acne Vulgaris

By | May 8, 2016

About Acne Vulgaris – the Causes and Treatments

Medically termed as acne vulgaris, acne is a common but long term skin disease found mostly in the teenagers. These are caused due to blockage or inflammation of the hair follicles and the sebaceous glands and mostly affect regions like the neck, upper trunk and face.

While this typical skin disease affects both genders in their adolescence, the girls seem to have higher onslaught probably due to the fact that they attain puberty at an early age than the boys.

Acne is also known by comedones that are primary lesions of acne and microcomedones of both open and closed types. These are also described as cysts, papules, nodules, the larger papules and pustules. While their look depends on the color of the skin, they may ultimately result scars.

Acne outbreaks are observed more in the adolescence. During this period the endocrine glands highly stimulate the sebaceous glands resulting excess sebum oil secretion. Besides the hormonal factors, the genetic and bacterial factors also play important role in acne generation that causes social and psychological problems in many cases.

Major causes of acne vulgaris

While no single cause can be attributed to cane formation, excessive hormone secretion during the adolescence period is primarily responsible for acne formation.

As one approaches puberty, the androgen stimulates the sebaceous gland and there is excessive sebum secretion. This reaches the hair follicles and ultimately comes out on the skin surface breaking down the walls of the cells forming pores and allowing bacterial growth.

When this happens, the pilosebaceuos ducts get clogged resulting comedones. These are first formed as closed type called whiteheads and when they open up, blackheads are formed. The color of the blackheads is due to accumulation of bacterial and epithelial debris.

In some instances acne also forms as a genetic condition and woman having polycystic ovary syndrome are sometimes found to have acne. Some medicines like anabolic steroids and oily cosmetics may cause acne in some cases.

Treatment options

Acne or Acne vulgaris may form due to various reasons giving acne management a complex nature.

The acne treatment regimen is mainly focused on eliminating the factors that cause acne. And work for removing the bacterial colonies, cutting down the sebum secretion. This further aims to prevent clogging of follicles, reducing inflammation, combating secondary infection for minimizing the scarring effect.

Acne is usually enrolled as mild, moderate, or severe, based on the number and type of lesions and the therapeutic regimen available totally depends on type of grade of the acne. While the mild acne drains and heals on its own without any treatment, the other types call for proper diagnosis and medical attention.

There are many ways in treating acne including over-the-counter remedies. But one should always consult a doctor for proper treatment. Depending upon the nature of the acne, your doctor may prescribe you some creams and lotions or can opt for administering oral medicines.

Sometimes, the doctors prescribe oral contraceptive for treating acne in woman patients. If the acne is of critical nature the doctor may also opt for laser treatment for acne removal.

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